7 Ways to Customize Your Car on a Budget

Wanting to be able to trick out your ride is something most car lovers want to do, being able to afford to do everything you want is an expensive caper.  There are tons of car customizations you can do that won’t break the bank.  The other perk is that most of these modifications can come with you if you get a new ride.

Here are 7 ways to customize your car on a budget:

  1. Decals

This is a popular option because it is simple and easy to do while totally changing the look of your car.  Custom car decals comes in all different shapes and sized and you can slap them on yourself.  You can also add headlight and taillight overlays to make your car look different.  Here is a video showing you how easy it is to do.

  1. Exterior Lighting

Aftermarket fog lights can brighten the exterior of your vehicle at a pretty low cost.

  1. Interior Lighting

LED lighting is flexible and inexpensive way to accentuate the interior of your car, you can get your hands on kits that you can easily integrate into the vehicle’s interior.  You can get lights for as little as $50.

  1. Window Tinting

Window tinting can give you both style and function, tinted windows look cool and they give you an element of privacy you wouldn’t normally have.  You can do it yourself in an afternoon but if you want them to look good you should bring it to an autoglass shop.  However you need to remember that there are laws determining just how dark you can make your windows.

  1. The Stereo

If you love music then the factory installed car stereo system is not going to cut it for you.  While you can upgrade your stereo on the cheap you probably don’t want to.  High quality stereo equipment won’t come cheap, however you can get some entry level speakers to get you started.

  1. Steering Wheel

The design for the steering wheel in your car hasn’t changed in more than a hundred years…how’s that for boring.  The shape doesn’t allow much in the way of customization and since more and more controls are in the steering wheel you can’t really replace it, but you can cover it.  It is cheap, quick and you can put on something you like.  The additional perk of not freezing your hands in the winter is pretty cool too.

  1. Add a Spoiler

Spoilers are one of the most common modifications made to cars.  They can be functional or ornamental and you can also find them on production vehicles all over.  Depending on what type of car you have you can add them for under $200 dollars.

This is just a small handful of ways that you can customize your car while on a budget.  You can add seat covers or floor mats or any other of a host of ways to customize your car.

How Do Custom Rims Affect the Performance of Your Vehicle?

How Do Custom Rims Affect the Performance of Your Vehicle?

To every car enthusiast, getting a new pair of aftermarket or custom rims to replace the factory ones are the first step taken in modifying a car. While replacing the factory rims with bigger, sportier rims makes the car look better, it also affects its performance. Depending on the dimensions of the factory rims and the ones of the custom rims, you can either improve or decrease the performance of you vehicle. Here are some of the things to consider before replacing your factory rims.

Ride Comfort

Nothing feels better than driving a brand new car off the lot, and most of that comfort is accredited to the suspension and tires of that car. The tires, along with the suspension system provide cushion for all the bumps and uneven roads you pass through. The bigger the size of the rims you get, the thinner the tires you can put on them to compensate for the rim size. So going to a smaller series tires (from a 55 to a 40 series) would lessen that cushion and make the ride a little bit bumpier. Likewise, going for a higher series tire (from a 45 to a 55 series) would provide for a softer ride.


Rims and tires can also affect the handling of a car because of the width, weight and tire thickness. Aftermarket or custom rims come in different widths, and going with a wider rim than the factory ones would increase the surface contact of the tires with the road and also make it a little harder to turn the wheel of the car. Likewise, going with bigger rim sizes than factory ones (hence thinner mounted tires) would also require more effort to turn the wheels.


The weight on the other hand affects the performance in 2 ways, in handling and gas consumption. In terms of handling, going with heavier rims would make it a little harder to turn and maneuver the car. This is already on top of the added effort needed to do so if you went with bigger and wider rims. Heavier tires also require more torque or power to get them rolling so you in turn use up more gas to move your car, as well as more power to stop them from moving which adds more stress on your braking system.

Overall, a car enthusiast may still find that the pros of going with aftermarket or custom rims may outweigh the cons and replace their factory rims. There are many things to consider when changing rims, such as the size, weight, width, offset, and tire dimensions. So, if you are planning on changing rims, it would be best to inquire with the car manufacturer regarding their recommended tire and rim specifications. This way, you know what sizes you can put on your car and what to avoid.

Going with rims and tires that are not recommended or deemed safe by the manufacturer will not only negatively affect vehicle performance but may even cause serious damage to the car. So always remember to keep safe and use the right rim specifications!